ePSxE APK for Android Download (Latest version)

ePSxE APK : ePSxE is for Android and it’s a simple and modest version of classic of the classic PlayStation 1 and it’s an emulator for PC that just works wonderfully on Android devices.

The emulator as the name suggests, does a great job of emulating the task perfectly playing the games of PlayStation one and playing epic titles like Final Fantasy, Tekken 3, Crash bandicoot, and syphon filter, and the biggest one such as Metal Gear solid.



ePSxe is a great and resourceful emulator which can provide a great gaming experience. It came from a port of great and famous ePSXE for PC. ePSXe improves on extremely high compatibility upto >99%. Great features, good speed and perfect sound.

ePSxE Apk for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS

ePSxE is particularly designed for Smartphones and Tablets and can really wonderfully on these devices. It have the support for Virtual Touchscreen,

Pad support, Hardware Buttons and designed for multiplayer experience like 1-4 players including an incredible fun 2 player option with screen in split mode.

It includes the best screen modes like Wireless Support like wireless gamepads and virtual pad support for Touchscreen, hardware mapping of buttons particularly some Xperia play phones with support of keypad & gamepad. External gamepad support on Bluetooth and other USB stuff like WiiMote, Xbox 360, Ipega, Moga, Sixaxis and the ability to add analogue sticks.

ePSxE App for Android Features

EPSXE is a great app and makes the role emulators a lot more fun as it has the great prowess too run all the games of PlayStation 1, So, you can run great titles on your system whether it’s Windows PC, and Android Phone, an iOS device or a Mac.

The best features of EPSXE app are here:

  1. This app can run the full emulator version for PlayStation 1 and can provide the great experience for the end user.
  2. The app is encoded with the compatibility to add external controllers through the devices and to provide particular better gameplay mode in that environment whether it’s FPS, Racing or adventure games or others.
  3. EPSXE also have the potential to support particular support of OpenGL HD Application Programming Interface or API graphics support.
  4. A great advantage that even the main PlayStation 1 doesn’t have but EPSXE APK has the something to do with cheat Codes and other ways to play the games with enhanced actions on higher level that is not in PS1.

So, you have the great advantage to provide to play with cheats and other stuff to play on enhanced level and to beat your friends and play the levels of the game at faster level.

ePSxE Apk for Android And PC


ePSxE APK for Pc and Android Versions

  1. The quality increases a lot if the end user is playing on better and bigger screen if possible. The gameplay ability increases and improves a lot when bigger screen like a PC monitor or iPad or iMac are involved and they improve the quality as in bigger screen equals to bigger image.
  2. EPSXE is good with PC but the emulators in recent years have gone great with Android OS and provides great visual quality and visual clarity plus better performance.
  3. It gives the user a perfect compatibility to provide a huge guide of titles anytime or on the go with Android devices in power.
  4. The emulation program runs on great API systems and provides a great and perfect end user experience while emulation and during gaming sessions.
  5. The user have the ability to add external controllers like a PS1 game controller or an XBOX controller with this system along with some magic creations have created by the developers where you can keyboard and mouse and play your games in that way.
  6. The best titles Like Suiikoden II, SpiderMan, Vagrant Story, Mega Man X4, Spyro – The Dragon, Final Fantasy IV, Ridge Racer, Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid.
  7. Depending on different titles or Games the controls can change or switch pretty easily and the experience will be fun with the use of L1 and R1 buttons.

App details

End User Downloads Upto 500,000+
Application Language English + 11 extras
App Category Emulation
License Freeware
Package Type/Name epsxe.com.ePSXE
Developer name EPSXe Software S.L
Minimum Android Version Android 2.2(Froyo)
Maximum Android Version Target Android P
No. of Permissions Required 7
Application Size 4 MB

How to download ePSXE Apk File


How to Download ePSxE APK

  • To download EPSXE App on your Android system you have to first find out the file.
  • No worries for that, we have got that covered. You can directly download the file from our provided link. Download EPSXE.apk
  • This link is totally safe and we tried our best to find the best third party link.
  • Go to that link and download the App. After downloading the app search that out in your Android device File Manager and Tap install.
  • The phone will block installation as it not allow to download Third part sources from Different sources. You need to change some Android settings.
  • Firstly Go to Settings> Privacy/Security> go to Unknown Sources “Allow installation of Apps from Third Part Sources” Allow that.
  • The device is ready to install. Install that file.
  • You are ready to play games from PS1 on your Android Device.

How to use EPSXE.apk

  • Open the app and make you will be presented with different menus.
  • You can either run BIOS or run particular games.
  • You can even run your own titles.
  • Voila! You can enjoy great titles from PS1.

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